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The main applications which ≫ Chemical
The main applications which ≫ Semiconductor
The main applications which ≫ Pharmaceutical ・ Foods
The main applications which ≫ Foods ・ Semiconducto r ・Machine ・ Energy
The main applications which ≫ Chemical ・ Pharmaceutical ・ Foods
Dosing line
Precision washing, Precision spraying, Spray drying
Feeding additives in ratio to extruder
Precision coating
Line mixing and emulsification
Feeding under low or high pressure.
Feeding of low and high viscous liquid.
Feeding of corrosive liquid.
Ultra precise feeding.

Highly precise dosing can be achieved very easily by position control of servo motor.
Because of no pulsation and constant volume, the diameter of particles remain uniform. Even in case of a low viscous liquid. pressure variation does not have a marked effect. Thus, SMP is an ideal pump for combustion tests.
Unlike other pumps, the discharge flow rate will not vary due to change in pressure because the pump has no pulsation and it is resistant to load change.
The HY Series can precisely feed liquid to a kneader with constantly stable volume.
Uniform coating can be achieved due to the characteristics of no pulsation and constant volume. Pump performance is not affected by pressure variations caused by changing the suction head or clogging of a filter. Also there are no air bubbles mixed in a floating layer. Thus SMP is very useful in continuance coatings like dip coating and roll coating.
Without pulsation, excellent property of constant volume and liquid transfer can be obtained in proportion to the pump speed. By using a line mixer and a line homogenizer, emulsification and mixing can be done instantaneously in the feed line. This removes the need for a batch system as typical in the past.
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