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3The mechanical return system, which enables the plunger to precisely follow the movement of the cam, makes the inlet and outlet flow rates identical. This mechanical return system has only been adopted for the special triplex-plunger cam drive system of the HY series. There is no delay in the return stroke of the plunger, even at high rotational speeds and for highly viscous fluids, due to the cam and cam-follower being fastened together as one unit.
Three specially designed cams D keep the total volume of fluid discharged from the three cylinders constant. In the discharge process, each plunge E moves in at three different speeds so that the flow rate is constant at all times regardless of the number of plungers in action.
The combination of these movements ensures the discharge flow rate of the HY series of pumps is maintained constant at all times. Furthermore, the flow velocity at the suction end is kept constant which minimizes the occurrence of cavitations. The design enables very smooth movement of the check valve ball resulting in minimal pulsation and leakage. This also results in little wear to the valve balls and the valve seats. Consequently, high accuracy and long durability is achieved. Because of ultraprecise processing of cams and liquid end parts in micron scale, flow reproduction is within ±0.1% .
Return System of Plunger.
Specially Designed Cams for the Triplex-plunger Drive.
Explanation: How the super metering pump works.
●Discharge accuracy of better than ±0.1%(flow reproduction in units of time)
throughout a specified flow rate range. More accurate than a flowmeter.
●Constant flow rate even under varying discharge pressure.
●Change of viscosity does not affect flow rate.
●Flow rate is perfectly proportional to pump speed.
●It is a reciprocating pump but pulse free.
In the discharge process the cam D pushes the guide piston A, in front, forward.
In the suction process the cam D pulls the
guide piston B, behind, backward.
At the same time, since the guide piston A and the guide piston B are connected by the hanger rod C, the guide piston A follows the movement of the guide piston B.
SMP is the fruit of Fuji Techno's own ideas and technical expertise in both design and manufacturing. When it comes to ultraprecise and very fine control of liquid feeding, SMP offers the solution.
throughout specified flow rate range
or less
The feature of a Super Metering Pump.
SMP is a pulse free metering pump
that is able to feed liquid ultraprecisely.
Gross-sectional view
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