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1. FTP pumps are typically used for oil. For requirements using the FTP pump with other types of liquid, or under special conditions, please contact Fuji Techno in advance for support.
2. A filter must be installed in the suction side.
3. Plumbing needs to be as short as possible and should not have any acute bends..
4. Resistance of a suction side has to be 0.03MPa or less.
(A pressure in the suction side must be - 0.03MPa or less.)
5. Except the WO and the PL versions, where the suction pressure needs to be 0.2MPa or less.
6. Please avoid rapid heat up or cool down. The temperature difference has to be 40oC or less and change gradually a temperature.
7. When plumbing in the pump, please pay maximum attention to the tightening torque. The allowable tightening torque is as follows.
Guide for selection of pump
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