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with advanced technology?
Our company, Fuji Techno Industries Corporation, has a special identity. With only a total of about 40 employees and possession of several international patents, its business scope includes not only project planning, product design, manufacturing, and marketing, but we're  also involved in the construction of an information network, and the import and export businesses, which are all conducted by our own task forces.

Nowadays, when “out-sourcing” is fashionable in many industries, our company, at first sight may appear to be going against the trend. In fact, much of our work is related with “out-sourcing”. Also, it is a fact that, if we can accomplish the core businesses of our company by our own low-member task forces, our company has the potential to achieve something special that the others cannot.

In our company, one person must play as many roles as possible. Due to the fact that most of our clients are major Japanese firms, universities and/or research institutes undertaking cutting-edge research, we simply cannot approach them with only superficial knowledge. On the contrary, to do business with them, one must have profound professional knowledge and sound business ability.

In our company, it would be impractical to expect new-recruits to become immediately useful business players so soon after graduating from their respective universities and/or graduate schools, as their knowledge is limited. To become a useful business player, one must go through professional training and basic-knowledge building procedures that usually take from several months to several years to complete. This is a must for any of new-recruits in our company. Therefore, much effort is needed for new-recruits, especially those graduating from liberal arts majors, to eventually be adapted to our company's work.

However, through such efforts, one can acquire outstanding business abilities that may be difficult to acquire while working in other companies. Moreover, one can get in touch with world-class technology and leading-edge research of related industries through our products, as our users view our products as the best of their kind in the world. I believe that by manufacturing, improving, and selling these products, one can experience the joy of contributing to our customers' satisfaction that can seldom be enjoyed in other companies.

I should say that our company is not suitable for those looking for a single-ability post. On the contrary it's invaluable for those who would like to try all kinds of work, from physical labor to mental calculations, and those who want to achieve satisfaction through work and labor. However, for those who just want passive employment without responsibility, entering our company would be unfortunate.

As far as I am concerned, I expect all of my employees to treasure his/her career and life, and I am doing my best not to let anyone do overtime work. I also approve vacations almost without hesitation. I hope that everyone can use his or her individual off-work time as much as possible for recreation and/or for self-cultivation. However, when at work, I expect, or even command, that everyone pays full attention when engaging in his or her work.

The type of company that I am striving for is one that is well equipped with globally-adaptable professionals, where everyone is aware of his or her important position. They should realize the corresponding functions to the utmost of his or her ability and without any personal preference for the kind of work that they are doing.

Finally, I express my heartfelt wishes that anyone can join our company providing they like product making, like to be challenged, can persevere,  and can accomplish work with a steady effort. Thank you.

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