As a pump manufacturer with original technologies,
Fuji Techno is striving to remain unique.
Starting with the establishment of the China factory, Fuji Techno has been actively expanding its operation to, in recent years, overseas markets by setting up its own sales and information gathering networks.
The advance to the overseas markets has also enabled us to build procurement channels throughout the world. Consequently, Fuji Techno to add itself a new function of trading by utilizing the channels. From a professional viewpoint, we are able to identify practical products in the world, which meet customers' requirements. Once we grasp needs of customers, we will search for suitable products and deliver them to the customers.
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Since Fuji Techno’s major product Super Metering pumps were launched in 1983, numerous improvements have been implemented and Fuji Techno has been actively promoting Super Metering pumps to both the domestic and the overseas markets. As a result, for precision feeding of liquid in a production process, various companies have been adopting Super Metering pumps such as engine manufacturers of aircrafts, rockets and automobile, pharmaceutical companies, research organizations of universities, Aerospace Exploration Agency, etc.. The markets have recognized
the value of Super Metering pumps having peerless accuracy.
Fuji Techno conducts business meetings to determine detailed specification with a customer, designs, manufactures and inspects products by itself. It is Fuji Techno’s devotion to flexibly deal with a customer’s requirements in a timely manner and to supply a product made to order.
Sales of super metering pump
The internal gear pump (inscribed gear pump) corresponding to a conveyance-of-petroleum use is mainly manufactured and sold. Changes of a pump specification and additional processing are done at Fuji Techno so that products can be prepared in according with orders and in a timely fashion.
Manufacturing and selling of an internal gear pump(Inscribed gear pump)
Fuji Techno is importing to sell cemented carbide end milling
cutters, which are imperative for molding metals and processing parts of machinery. The cutters have superb cutting capability, high durability and good cost performance. Fuji Techno accepts order for a small lot as well orders with short lead times.
Sales of tools
Fuji Techno is handling accessories for pump systems such as safety valves, filters, nozzles and couplings. Based on expert
knowledge as a pump manufacturer, Fuji Techno select and
provide the accessories the best suited for a required system and operation conditions.
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Since Fuji Techno has acquired high level processing technology through the development of its own Super Metering pumps, Fuji Techno is able to accept diverse requests for processing and assembly from the customers. By using state of art equipment like a 5 face and 5 axis machine and a high speed machining center,
Fuji Techno efficiently does processing with high degree of
difficulty. There is the engineering department to carry out the most suitable design in consideration of characteristics and durability of materials and maintainability of parts. Fuji Techno has an integrated production structure. Therefore, production is very efficient to manage a fast delivery and high product quality.
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The core of the product line up is the Iretato series, which consists of Super Metering pump, a tank, a flowmeter, a temperature control device, a VFD, a motor, a control unit, etc.. Because of Fuji Techno’s capability to build systems, Fuji Techno is able to meet wide variety of demands from the customers (e.g. development of a pump system to feed very special liquid).
Sales of pump equipment
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